Soulstone (your eternal core)

the darkness will join me

29 September
Knesselare, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
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The simple art of knowing yourself. But is it really that simple? I still supprise myself every day. Even after walking these barren wastelands called earth for more then 19 years. There's just no knowing someone, so telling about myself isn't all that simple.
But I do go crazy on concerts. I f*ckin' adore metal! The deeper (lyrically), the better!
I'm into lyrics. Songs can only escallate to a higher immortallity level when I think the lyrics of that song are damn good.
I like black, however I'm somehow holding myself back in outing my degree of blackness. So I'm kinda more the gothic-guy on the inside then on the outside... btw: "The Crow" rulez!
Oh, and I'm hoping to be allowed to head for NY for 3 months next year.
I like people more then I like myself.
I adore the Max Payne video games (hooray Remedy!!)

"We are willing to suffer, to die for the things we care about, for love, for the right choices..."

(maybe more about me someday later)