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soooooo sorry [Mar. 11th, 2004|07:28 pm]
I'm sorry Livejournal, for abandoning you like this but lately I'm mostly busy with hanging out and having fun with someone very dear to me. I hope you can find it in your digital heart to forgive me, but she's really special to me.

Anyhow, to the person who commented to my post, thank you very much. To bad you're meantioned as anonymous, I would like to know who's complimenting me and all :)

Doing quite well right now dear journal. I live with the thought:

"Walk into this world... with your head up high"

Cya next time (soon)
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[Lake of tears] by "L'âme immortelle" [Feb. 3rd, 2004|08:05 pm]
My path into the shadows
It seemed so well defined
A labyrinth of darkness
With no joy for me to find

The path that leads to you
Is so hard for me to find
And with every step I take
I hope the gods are kind

You took my doubts, you took my fears
You led me through this lake of tears
So close we are, but still apart
Not in mine, but in your heart

Your warm and schizophrenic heart
Still does not beat for me alone
As it still bears rememberance
Of feelings that I think are gone

Every day I hope and pray
For your love and sense
That you will come into my arms
And give our love a chance
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Lost in shadows [Jan. 29th, 2004|11:41 pm]
Help me
For I have lost

my mouth
my eyes
my nose
my ears
my hair
my wrinkles
my looks
my smile
my cries
my anger
my hate
my love

All is gone, all has faded
All is deceased, all has decayed
All has faded, all is wasted
All has frozen, all is lost

Or is there still a chance for me to defrost?

If there is, help me look for the ways,
The ways, ... and help me find my face
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Tell me [Jan. 28th, 2004|11:05 pm]
Today I found myself wandering
Wandering to wards the barren lands of nothing
Uselessness had awoken me from the dream I was leading

Am I holding myself for whatever may come?
Am I too blinded to see behind these darkened clouds?
The trenches within my bleeding heart are starting to broaden

... once more

Through these trenches it gets corrupted by my thoughts
My veins are throbbing with lesser excitement
Letting life slip away out of my body

Am I holding myself until I fall apart like a rotten tree?
Am I too blinded to see any of the future?
Or is the "any" the reason of the dirt within my wanting soul

I want to be clean, want to redeem
please tell me, 't was just a dream...

[Dedicated to "Tom Van Nevele" and his "Embraced By Death"-band]
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Giant blur [Jan. 27th, 2004|05:35 pm]
I miss the spark
I hate dwelling in eternal boredom
When will excitement show it's face once again?
And where's sense been hiding from the dark?

All that I see is zombies chained in cars
Is it them or has my mind been infested?
I search for whatever light will take me away
Towards whatever place is touched by stars

...Give me wings once again
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That interesting life of mine [Jan. 26th, 2004|04:46 pm]
yesterday I started this live journal... I wonder what this has in store for me.

So this my first personal post. Today was a stupid day.
At first the eternal struggle of getting up in the morning, wrestling the time...

I took the bus on time today. I had to get in Ghent by 10.45 o'clock 'cause I had a test Dutch. Filled my time staring to the front and to the sides... all very interesting. I've driven this road hundreds of times before... I quite bored of always seeing the same shit over and over again... That's why I'm hoping to get to go to NY next year for 3 months.

From the bus unto the train, from the train unto the tram, and from there I hurry myself towards the Artevelde Highschool, where boredom usualy strikes me on mondays. But today there was a test, so sleeping wouldn't be a possibility of killing the time. Did fine I guess...
German was boring (as always). So I occupied myself in fixing the overhead projecter which broke down. It was simply a matter of switching light bulbs so had to stall the whole repairment... teacher was happy... joy!

Then we needed to head back towards the train station. There, me and my darling friend Kathleen said goodbyez, big hugz!!! (love that girl!)
Then there was that hollow return homewards. Trains are stupid, nobody talks to eachother... but then again, I wouldn't want to either actually.

At home, after doing some homework with the fat riffs of rise against howling on my stereo I updated this live journal... that's my day
That interesting life of mine...
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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2004|04:40 pm]
Sad homecoming

If I was lost
Dwelling in overtaking darkness
Then you'd be the one
The one glowing from desire
The one blob of light in my life
Which will make me find
My way back home...

...the place where I tried to run from

[Vykill - 19/6/2003 - 22u20]

Scarred values

What I feel for you
Is worth more than life
It's worth death
Death inside my arms
Death within my yearning heart
Sweet eternal death
With the scars to prove our loyalty

[Vykill - 16/6/2003 - 0u13]


Your tears of Satan,
They are jewels of fire to me
I find comfort inside your pain

The blood rushing through my veins
Makes me realise that I'm not yet entirely dead inside
Let me feel your pain
Make me live again
So that Life and Death will be united between our ever burning souls

[Vykill - 15/6/2003 - 23u47]
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